It’s probs all still drying lol


An Exhibition by Jody Mulvey

Its probs all still drying lol was an experimental exhibition which sought to explore materiality, shape and colour within a space. Although instigated through a vast series of drawings, the exhibition blurred the boundaries between artistic specialisms to create an immersive environment which consumed the viewers in an array of vivid colours and ambiguous, organic shapes.


By subverting the archaic notions of exhibition etiquette, the exhibition invited interaction and joyful revelry; encouraging direct physical contact with the work, dancing, weaving in-between the layers of the installation, drinking and socialising. Through the utilisation of tangible, fragile and often unpredictable materials, the exhibition tempted the primitive nature of touch. By displaying artworks which are still in the process of drying, the traces of these intimate interactions with the materials were made evident through remnants of paint which were smeared throughout the exhibition space.

Instagram: @joddddddy