Gemma Batchelor
Editor in Chief

Gemma is a fourth year History of Art and Fine Art student, specialising in photography. She loves to spend a lot of time hidden away in the dark rooms of the Edinburgh College of Art as her interest in photography is tied to the material nature of it, not the digital. Gemma also writes for the Culture pages of The Student, reviewing much of the Edinburgh art scene, which she follows with anticipation and excitement.


Florence Richardson
Head of Production

Florence is a second year Fine Art student, specialising in painting at Edinburgh College of Art. With experience in graphic design and digital art, her work has been featured in fashion magazine Hard, and she also runs her own successful design store on Her main influences for her work derive from current digital media and culture, including video game design and online art collectives such as PC Music and Arca & Jesse Kanda. In future, Florence hopes to work within the ever-evolving game development industry. When not messing around on Photoshop, she can be found exploring the depths of Internet subcultures or reading I-D Magazine.

Portrait Credit: Sylvain Lewis

Portrait Credit: Sylvain Lewis

Oona Buttafoco
Production Team

Oona is currently a third year Philosophy and Politics student. Being particularly interested in graphics, product design, architecture, photography, sculpture and film, she has been actively cultivating her keen interest in the arts for the past few years. Since interning with the art direction team of French newspaper Courrier International four years ago, she has become particularly interested in graphic design and has been exploring different branches of the discipline ever since. Over the years, Oona has gained experience working in numerous art galleries and contributing to art-related publications. Oona looks forward to engaging with the fantastic works of ECA students and making the Edinburgh art scene more broadly visible on campus.


Alys Gilbert
Production Team

Alys is second year MA Fine Art with History of Art student at the Edinburgh College of Art. Specialising in Painting but passionate about Textiles and surface pattern design, she hopes to traverse the gap between the two subject areas as the years progress. Alys is also the Theatre Editor for the Culture section of The Student and hopes to keep developing her experience in the art publication sector. Having been involved in curating exhibitions and more recently co-founding an arts initiative, she hopes to continue the balance between academia and art practice. When she's not running between lectures and studio, she can usually be found reading the latest edition of The Gentlewoman or a good classic novel.


Stephanie Jin
Production Team

Stephanie is a second year English literature student, originally from Hong Kong. With background in digital design, audio-visual production, and oil painting, Stephanie is intrigued with juxtapositions in theme and medium. In her free time, or when procrastinating on other work, Stephanie enjoys taking long naps, playing the piano, trying to be aesthetic, and wandering aimlessly around the city.


Sasha Mather
Production Team

Sasha is a fourth year Italian and History of Art student, specialising in Modern architecture and the medieval imagination. In Edinburgh, she has written and edited for The Student Culture and Fringe editions, organised exhibition trips for the Art Society, and volunteered at Inverleith House. Sasha spent last year studying in Bologna, Italy, where she had the chance to sing in churches of all shapes and sizes. On her weekends she would join the crowds at the art and photography fairs, or walk the city streets, photographing their portici and people. She takes pride in curating a postcard collection including maps, mosaics, nudes, piazzas and travel postcards. Her go-to publications for substance and artistry and are Wallpaper* or any Phaidon book. 


Samantha Ozer
Deputy Editor in Chief

Samantha is a second year History of Art student with a particular focus on contemporary art. She studied at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualised Study for her first year, where she worked on the visual board for the Gallatin Review, a student-run art journal. Joining the Canvas team therefore seemed a natural fit. In the past Samantha has worked at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and Kim Hairston Art Advisory where she channeled her passion for art into real world experiences. Samantha is also involved in the History of Art Society, and enjoys collaborating with other ECA students. She is excited to be a part of the Canvas team!


Susannah Curtis

Susannah is currently in her second year studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and has enjoyed taking History of Art as an elective for both her years at Edinburgh. She is particularly interested in the mythology and artistic expression of different cultures and has recently begun to develop a passion for publishing and journalism. Work experience in bookshops, literary festivals, and art exhibitions has further sparked Susannah's creative ambitions. Book-hoarder, podcast-listener, journal-scribbler and obsessive traveller, she is excited to be part of the Canvas team within such an inspiring literary city!


Claudia McPhail

Claudia is a third year student of the Masters of Fines Arts program, a member of the painting department and has been studying in the Alsace region of France as part of her Erasmus exchange program.  Her interests include embroidery and drinking good tea, and more recently, researching obscure French vocabulary. Her work applies traditional artistic practices to abstract subjects and explores the relationships between art, humanity and science in the modern world. Claudia was previously the editor of her house newspaper while in secondary school and is an avid reader and writer, and keeps extremely messy journals of her experiences travelling in Europe. Claudia hopes to contribute a unique perspective on life and work in the ECA as a member of both the BA Art and Art History degree programs.

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Sumedha Vashistha

In freshman year, Sumedha is studying Philosophy and English Literature. She spends her free time binge watching the IMDB top 250 movies or listening to an endless succession of spoken word poetry until it becomes inane. She usually struggles writing about herself and prefers focusing on subjects that are more distant to her.


Marianne Wilson

Marianne is a third year Philosophy and English Literature student. She has assisted with the production of various University student magazines such as Line and The Inkwell. Marianne is particularly interested in promoting the distribution of art and at criticism to all, and believes assisting with the production of canvas is one way to do this. In the past, she has contributed to and hosted various art-related events in her local town and has experimented with portraiture and time-based art. In her spare time, Marianne enjoys sketching strangers and whistling that wee bit too loud!


Liselotte Irina
Head of Art Panel

Lilo is a fourth year Ancient History student with a penchant for modern art and anything visually pleasing. She enjoys discovering and pushing new artistic talent, which is why she loves heading up the team of Art Panelists on Canvas. At this moment in time she is interning at Edinburgh University’s Main Library working to curate an exhibition on healing and new forms of therapy while also interviewing artists for the upcoming Hidden Door festival in Edinburgh.


Suzanne Anthony
Art Panel

Suzanne is a third year Fine Art and History of Art student specialising in Sculpture. Suzanne lived and worked in a studio in Barcelona before joining Edinburgh College of Art. Fascinated by formalist aesthetics, Suzanne’s most recent work plays with industrial materials and large scale constructions, last year winning her the Andrew Flynn Bequest Award. When she’s not experimenting in the studio, Suzanne can be found in the art galleries of Edinburgh or out drinking coffee with friends. Having worked for the Edinburgh Arts Festival this summer, Suzanne is particularly excited to bring together the production of art and its analytical counterpart, within the magazine format.


Laura Dow
Art Panel

Laura is a third year art history and Fine art student specialising in photography. She has specific interests in analogue photography and video work. Taking a great deal of inspiration from everyday life around her, she is seldom without a camera. Apart from being in the darkrooms she spends a lot of her time trawling Edinburgh for the latest exhibitions and art shows. Despite not having any previous magazine experience, Laura Is very excited to be a part of Canvas.


Ainne McGinness
Art Panel

Ainne is in her third year of a History of Art degree after initially studying Economics. Currently, her focus is on Dada and Surrealism and The Sexual Politics of the Image. With a lifelong interest in art she was selected as one of the best young artists in Scotland and exhibited her work in a show in Glasgow. Outside of art, she is a water sports enthusiast, enjoying waterskiing and wake boarding. She is an avid reader of fashion with a large collection of magazines, which she draws on for inspiration. She is excited by the amazing talent that we have in Edinburgh and the opportunity to raise its profile!


Michelle Wolodarsky
Art Panel

Michelle is in her first year of Fine Art and History of Art. Her editorial experience started in VI form, where she was the school's 'art columnist'. Last year she completed a Foundation Year at the Arts University Bournemouth, where she was part of the team of the university's zine, BUMF. There, she started making conceptual art, developing on from her interest in the contextual aspect of contemporary practice. In Edinburgh, she has taken this further and is now considering the framing of an artwork through space and how it is shaped through the individual interpretation of the features that come together to form the totality of any given space. Her last work was an experiential installation using classical music, a blindfold, light and a white room.


Sophie Porter
Web Editor

Sophie is a recent graduate in History of Art and Architectural History. She has a keen interest in the socially constructive and emotionally beneficial aspects of architecture and the arts and believes vehemently in making the arts as accessible as possible to the everyone, not just the elite. Having worked with Canvas since its conception, she was not going to let the mere fact of her graduation stop her continued involvement in the project and so is now tackling technology. She is often to be found promulgating her opinions to unsuspecting bystanders, though, as she rarely leaves the house, this happens increasingly online.


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Emma Searle
President of the History of Art Society
Founder & Past Editor in Chief of Canvas

Emma is a third year International Relations student, and has taken History of Art as an elective for two years. Emma has interned with the fashion department of a Chinese company called Tencent at London Fashion Week and in Beijing.  Being a politics student, Emma has a keen interest in the political and critical responses that art generates. Emma  has lived in Hong Kong, South Africa and the UK, which has exposed her to different perspectives and artistic practices. Whilst in South Africa Emma worked at a local prison and led art lessons for convicts. She found this experience very rewarding as these sessions taught her that people with different experiences and backgrounds can relate through art. It is Emma’s dream to one day start an art college scheme in an underprivileged region. Emma is currently the Vice President of the History of Art Society, and in her free time,  she enjoys  reading the Harry Potter books.