Artwork by Santiago Paulos


Everyday on my way home crossing The Meadows, I pass a particular group of trees. Ever since I first noticed them, they triggered something in me. The metal-mesh and the three wooden poles constraining the plants to keep them growing straight have a sense of ‘man vs. nature’ or how we see nature through different human structures. As the trees became part of my personal history, so they became a potential subject for my work. I started to paint an environment that included wooden fences and other elements that could surround these trees. I realised that this pictorial construction had an aspect of isolated containment; a quality to which I was attracted. In these works I aim to create a sense of familiarity with the depiction of banal objects, and at the same time an uncanny feeling; that there is something behind what you see.

Painting always shifts back and forth between its materiality and its capacity to evoke illusion. I seek to maintain both of these qualities; creating artificial landscapes, fake scenarios inhabited with different structures, and playing with the flatness of the surfaces to create a notional, mental space. 

Santiago is a Masters student at ECA.