Most of you will be horrified to know that I almost titled this post  “Salvador Dali eats Surreal for breakfast.” Thankfully, however, you have all been spared from my madness and cringe taste in jokes because I realised that not everyone is as corny and nerdy about art as I am.

I’m Emma and welcome to the Canvas blog! This blog is for the art nerds, the clueless, students, and professionals who want to learn more and engage with art. If you like looking at rich images and musings, reading cultural commentary and articles, as well as being informed about relevant event information and opportunities, this blog is for you.

Whether you spend weeks on end writing a complicated thought-provoking entry on the complexity of modern art, or if you decide to submit a quick photo entry on the whim at 1am in your pyjamas, it doesn’t matter. This blog is here for you to help promote your work and spread your cool ideas. Please note that this blog wants entries that have been specifically written for the blog, which are not wholly academic or merely a diluted version of your academic essay. Keep it short and snappy!


 What will be on this blog?


 1.)  Artwork

This can be anything from a picture of the awkward play dough sculpture you made for your parents when you were six, to your final Edinburgh College of Art degree show work.


2.)  Articles

This includes gallery reviews, personal travel blogs, reflections, cultural- commentary, adaptations of university essays, creative writing, and more.


3.)  Photos

Rich photos of musings, galleries, artwork, and social events are most welcome. If you have recently visited a gallery, come across an interesting image, or attended an event, send us a post!

4.)  Canvas Image of the Month

Check out the ‘Submit’ section of this website to learn more about the Canvas Image of the Month and how your work can be chosen.

5.)  Contributions from students studying at other international universities

6.)  Event information

Edinburgh University’s History of Art Society holds frequent events, which we will promote here!

If you are an over-achiever busy organising your own event, such as an exhibition or show, we would love to help you spread the word. Please send us details and posters so that we can help promote your event on our blog.

How do I become a Canvas blogger?

I encourage ALL students and professionals, regardless of degree or work, to be a savvy blogger and email your blog post entry to canvaseca@gmail.com with ‘#MightCanvasThat’ as the subject line.

Don’t be afraid of emailing us with any questions on how to write a blog post. Feel free to email us blog ideas, queries, or even a joke to keep the Canvas team entertained.

Watch this space and keep your eyes peeled. There will be more to come!