Interior Design work by Teen Redpath!

Artist:  Teen Redpath   Degree:  BA (hons) Interior Design   Contact:

Artist: Teen Redpath

Degree: BA (hons) Interior Design


Shrubhill Tram Depot situated just off Leith Walk, Edinburgh, is a 2 hectare site that has been empty since the 1980’s and offers up the perfect opportunity to grow fresh produce right in the heart of the city. 

As part of my degree project I came up with the concept of guests being involved in the whole process of creating dishes starting from planting the seed to picking their own produce fresh from the ground, to preparing it with the help of their own private chef at a communal table. Featured in the image above is the view of a living hydroponic herb wall that is fed from rain water harvested from the roof and sits underneath a walkway that takes guests on a journey up through the building to enjoy views of the site from the highest level.


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