For my fourth year of studying animation I made a two films, Tremlyn and Swear Journey. This is a part of a miniature paper set I made for Tremlyn, a film about me trying to make a film about my Granddad. In one of the final scenes of the film my Granddad takes me to a phone box in the small Welsh village Groeslon, where he grew up. He shows me the phone box and tells me a story about how he used to phone my Nana as a teenager. I decided to recreate this memory in my film in stop motion, making really intricate miniature paper sets and props. The phone box is the same height as the width of a credit card (8.5cm), and took two days to make. Using a craft knife I scored and cut the net for the telephone box after researching what they were like in the 1950s. The inside of the telephone box was the most difficult as there is a miniscule phone inside with a handset that can be detached. Although it isn’t visible in the film, it was the most gratifying part of making it.

Artist: Natalie Jones  Animation BA Hons  Contact: 

Artist: Natalie Jones

Animation BA Hons


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