The Drop by Anna Aron


"These paintings have a presence that I never thought I could have in the world. House paint, acrylic paint, ink, flour, salt, elephant snot, pixie dust…Instead of fearing the world, I used it."



Feeling like my words have no weight is a constant struggle of mine. The manipulation of tangible objects allows me to see my presence in the world. Realizing the inability to recognize my own face, the feeling of being trapped in silent chaos was unbearable. The internal need to scream was only satisfied by flinging paint at a wall. Color felt grotesque to me and the comfort of tapping into the abundance of poster paper and house paint allowed me to create without guilt.

As my emotional needs evolved, the paintings and the materials I gravitated toward changed. The only constant was my fascination with drips. I would lie awake at night trying to figure out how to control the drips, without realizing I didn’t have to. What I really wanted was to embrace them.


Anna Aron is a 20-year-old painter, metal smith, potter, ceramicist, weaver, and amateur cake-maker from Connecticut. Her show 'The Drop' is on display in Stockbridge, Massachusetts from March 17 through the month of April.